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Are you responsible for events or an event organiser? Then ask yourself the following questions.

Do you know the requirements of the HSE Event Safety Guide?

Do you know the requirements of the HSE Charity and Voluntary Workers Guide?

Do you know the requirements of the national multi-agency Event Safety Code?

Do you know the requirements of the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002?

Do you know all other road traffic and safety law relating to events?

We do!!!

If you don’t, you cannot know the best available guidance and practice to keep your special, charity or sporting events safe. If you don’t know, how can you be prepared?

We provide an indemnified service:-

to enhance the safety of your participants,

to risk assess the event, route or venue,

to help with the police and authorities, especially Safety Advisory Groups, and

to protect you and your officials from an increasingly litigeous society.

We can provide everything from your wider safety policies, and procedures, through training packages, to all or any part of an event’s preparation and event safety officers role.

We provide peace of mind!

Contact us to discuss your needs. We have the knowledge, the expertise and all the equipment you need.

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